What is ‘Sales’ Speak?

l HYPERBOLE/EXAGGERATION – they will overstate and exaggerate what this item/place will do for you e.g. ‘Heaven’
l ADJECTIVES – ‘Spacious’, ‘Luxurious’
l EMOTIVE LANGUAGE – playing on emotions e.g. ‘Life will be perfect’
l LOCATION – is extremely important in a property ad, so it will be focused on.
l EUPHEMISMS – e.g. Porn shops and gambling becomes ‘exciting nightlife’. ‘Cosy’ or ‘compact’ means small. ‘Quaint’ means old fashioned.

Anything positive is hugely exaggerated and negative things are either ignored or turned into positive things.


In Act One, Scene One, Tay has the property agents selling an imaginary condo, satirizing (making a mockery of) the nature of property agents in Singapore. They use all the usual property language speak, but also ‘slip’ at times, showing how they are conning customers by playing on their aspirations and promising them, ‘life will be perfect’.