The idea of ‘Superman’ and what he represents in shown throughout the play. It is important to understand the character of Superman to understand how Tay taps into this cultural reference. Like Superman, Boon does the rescuing, although there are times in the play where he seems to need to be rescued himself.

Boon & Superman

He is very heroic rescues others whilst putting himself in danger.
Boon is heroic – he wants to rescue his mother from her past and the influence of his father. Also, in Act Two, he defends her honour by fighting with their neighbour. There is
Has strong moral values
Boon has strong moral values in some senses – in his role as a property agent he seems quite moral-less, and even sometimes as a son, particularly at the start of the play when we see him constantly trying to persuade his mother to move out of her house. However, underneath it all we see a strong quality of filial piety, which is one of the things which motivates him.
Strong sense of duty – tries to stop being Superman in some of the films, but always goes back to it.
Boon feels guilty about his mother’s situation and cannot leave her. Even when he tries to leave and moves temporarily into the show flat, he ends up going back because his sense of duty to his mother is too strong.
Super human strength and courage, as well as x-ray vision and numerous other strengths.
Boon does not have superhuman qualities, but dreams of them, as he could then ‘save himself’ (Act One, Scene 5)
Selfless - takes action which is often detrimental to himself e.g. his relationship with Lois Lane is often thwarted by his role as Superman
His decision to stay living with his mother is something that his friends mock him for, but he is doing it because of his sense of duty to his mother.
Has an alter ego, Clark Kent, who is seen as weaker than Superman e.g. he sometimes is portrayed as wearing glasses.
We see two very different sides to Boon – he is Boon the property agent and Boon the son. As Boon the property agent, he seems motivated by money and moral-less in making it. However, as a son he seems a young child still, fighting with his mother. This is particularly seen in Act One, Scene Two, when Boon enters the flat after having been with the property agents still in agent mode. As soon as his mother speaks to him, he becomes a child again.
Very distinctive appearance
As a child, Boon dressed up as Superman and ran around the flat – something his mother remembers fondly. It seems to be a very distinctive memory for his mother and for Boon, as it is constantly referred to throughout the play.
An immigrant from another planet
When Boon goes to stay in the showflat, there is a similar sense of alienation from the world of condominiums. His father is the voice to remind him that he does not come from there.
Has one weakness – Kryptonite – a substance from his homeland which has the ability to reduce his strength and prevent him from doing anything. He fears it and his fear of it sometimes cripples him.
Boon’s weakness is his memories – particularly that of his father and what his father did to him. Boon directly makes reference to this in Act One, Scene 5, where he says his father is ‘buried like Kryptonite in the walls’. Boon’s continued living in the flat which has so many bad memories for him weakens his chances in life and prevents him from doing what he wants to do. When we see him at the end of the play, having escaped the influence of the old flat, he seems happy and stronger.

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