Boom was conceptualized in 2007 at the Royal Court Theatre in London in 2007, although it is strongly rooted in the Singaporean context (what was happening) at the time. You need to understand these events and trends, and be able to link them to the play, in order to understand the characters and Tay’s motivations in writing the play.

Key Events
1. Economic Boom in Singapore
2. En Bloc Sales of housing
3. New Burial Policy introduced by the government
4. Destruction & re-building of national historic monuments, such as the National Library and National Stadium.

What were these key events and how did people feel about them at the time?

1. Download the ‘Singapore in 2007’ grid to fill in (leave the final column)

2. Follow the links or download the documents to read more information and news articles on the key events.
3. Use the prompt questions to consider their significance and help you complete the table.

1. Economic Boom

Questions to consider
1. What advantages does an economic boom bring to the country?
2. Are there any disadvantages for the country?
3. How might people feel about it? Happy? Concerned?

2. En Bloc sales of housing,-not-an-investment

Questions to consider

1. What advantages can you see from the en bloc sale for the residents?

2. What disadvantages do you see?

3. What different emotions might the sale of peoples’ houses cause?

3. New Burial Policy

Questions to consider
1. How might people feel about their loved ones being dug up after 15 years?
2. How else could Singapore have dealt with the issue of not having enough land to bury people in?
3. Is digging people up after 15 years really the best way to deal with this problem?

4. Destruction & re-building of National monuments

Questions to consider

1. How do people feel about losing this national monument?

2. What are the benefits of having a new, modern stadium?

3. Do you think anything is lost in the destruction of the old, historic stadium?

Powerpoint to accompany lesson